• Land acquisition
  • Re-Zoning
  • Design & Planning
  • Construction
  • Landing
  • Construction Consulting
  • Project photography/ videography

Services provided

Step 1-Project Discovery $499

This would include a general overview of your project goals to help determine wether or not your project is possible. It would also include a rough estimate of costs for your project.
**Should we already be working on a development you’re interested in being part of, this fee puts you in a First Come First Serve waiting list.

Step 2-Project Approvals $1,499

Identifying specific lots within your project budget, confirm proper zoning for your project, confirm the type, size, and requirements for your building structure, (1)schedule pre-application conference, (1) preliminary application. This would also include site specific costs for impact fees and utility connections. *All professional industries included in the building and planning part of your project may have separate fees. **This service includes one pre-application meeting and one preliminary application. Each additional pre-application meeting and preliminary application scheduled is and additional $250. br ***Any additional work would be billed at a $75/hour rate with a minimum retainer of $750.

Once we have a qualified lot to build on, we will advance to testing the lot(if required) then begin surveying, planning & designs for your custom build.

Step 3-Project planning:

*Soil Test-Starting at $2,000(if required)

Surveying costs-starting at $4,000*
This will include plot plan, site plan, topography & boundary survey, Foundation survey, and platting(if necessary).

Planning & Design-starting at $4,000*
This includes all the planning & designing required for your build(survey costs separate). This will include drawings for your structure.
**If you decide to use one of our existing building plans, this cost would be waived and this may also expedite your project timelines

Once we have the lot and the plans, we can bring your project to life by creating some renderings.

Renderings-starting at $500*
This will include digital renderings of your site plan and build. Animations are available for additional costs.

*Project memories-starting $2,500
This would include both still and video photography(drone) to document the entire building process of your project.

Step 4-Project pre-commencement:

Once the parcel of land has completed the surveying process and the building plans have been created, we can begin the process of quoting total detailed costs(Site development, permits, utility connections, construction costs, impact fees, risk insurance, testing, reproduction/postage costs, etc) and estimated timelines for your project. To start, we require a $5,000 deposit that would be applied towards your final total cost of your project.

If your are designing new custom plans, we will work on a cost plus basis. This means we will outline all your costs included in the development of your proposed project and include an additional percentage rate of 25% for oversight, bidding from sub-contractors, management, and project budgeting. This rate may vary depending on the size of your project.

**All fees mentioned are non-negotiable, may vary in price depending on the size of your project, & are non-refundable

Step 5: Project Financing

Once all the steps have been accomplished, we will present the project plans to our preferred lenders and determine the option that best suits your needs. If you are self funding, we would require a 35% deposit of total expected costs to start you project. The rest of the payments due will be outlined in our project agreement.

Step 6: Project Commencement

Congratulations! At this point, we can start the process of building your dream home. Your timelines would be officiated and funding would be required for permitting, site development and material ordering.

Step 7: Project Updates

throughout the entire build, you would be notified every two weeks of the current stage of the building process, updates on timeline to completion, and budget spending breakdown.

**Any changes made to the original plans would require a change order and may delay project timelines.

Step 8: Project Completion

After receiving the certificate of occupancy, all dues would be paid in full and you will be provided a full release of lien on the property for you to close on the property or simply move in.

As complicated as this may seem, you can count on us to provide consistent communication and peace of mind. We appreciate to opportunity to earn your business and look forward to working with you.

Let’s build tiny together!