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Yes, as long as building and zoning allow for it. Some use our tiny home concept as an “ADU,” aka Pool house, and others use it as a main dwelling. Regardless, building and zoning dictate what you are allowed to do at the location in question. Learn more about our “Project Discovery” services.

Yes. Our commitment to build tiny homes to make the world a better place drives us to build houses anywhere we are legally allowed to. Contact us with more information about your project goals.

Yes, however we would need to be involved in the planning and design process to assure that we can fulfill your project needs.

Miniopolis prides itself on providing speed and quality builds. Due to material delays, we can range from 4-6 months on plans that we designed. Contact us for a more detailed timeline on your project.

Not yet. We are planning on offering a total of 50,000,000 shares out of 120,000,000 shares of our company at $0.25 a share. Stay tuned for future updates.

Our goal is to continue to offer affordable and sustainable housing by creating pocket communities throughout the country that offer simple sustainable concepts like rain catchment systems, Grey water recycling, renewable energy, composting, material recycling and repurposing, high energy efficiency, built to last structures & reduction of waste all to help reduce our carbon footprint.

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