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At Miniopolis, our mission is to build residential homes that focus on sustainability, energy efficiency, and affordability for a simple yet fulfilling life. We build with you and your impact on Earth in mind.

This company was founded on the grounds of Mother Nature with affordability in mind. Owning a home or investment property is not what it use to be. Everyone wants to feel that they own a piece of land that grows in value while making a positive impact on earth. At Miniopolis, we do both.


Our vision is to build residential communities that live off the land and the community of like minded individuals. Building sustainably, reducing waste, and recycling to reduce our carbon footprint is our goal.

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Custom Tiny Homes for those who seek sensible, sustainable & affordable housing. A simpler life in a smaller space!

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What We Do Best

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Minimalist Living
  • Owning Structure Based on Community Performance.
  • Utilizing Only Those Resources Needed.
  • Living Without Indulgence.
  • Community Contributions for Resident Living.
Sustainable Concepts
  • Practicing a Way of Life to Sustain What You Need.
  • Teaching Core Concepts of Sustainable Living
Communal Living
  • Participating in a Self-Reliant Community, Which in Turn, Provides Everything You Need.
  • Including:
    • Homeschooling for Children
    • Gardening for Food
    • Solar Classes for Power
    • Recycling for Water and Building Materials
Office and Managment
  • Tiny Home Customization
  • Tiny Home Construction
  • Property Selection
  • Amenity Selection
  • Community Participation Management
  • Resource Inventory

*This is a new construction project, not currently built*

The time has come to reveal our plans to build a Tiny Home Community. We have been working on this project for quite some time and we are thrilled to start. We will be offering site-build tiny homes on concrete slabs using highly efficient material to withstand even the toughest of Florida storms all while reducing waste and limiting our carbon footprint.

Below are some facts about our build:
  • *5,000 sq ft lot
  • *500 living square feet(under air conditioning)
  • *1133 total square feet
  • *Wrap around porch
  • *One car garage/workshop
  • *impact rated windows & doors
  • *solar panels
  • *structural Insulated panel
  • *mini split
  • *tankless water heater
  • *bamboo flooring
  • *high efficiency home
  • *sustainable home
  • *eco-friendly home
  • *built to last
  • *strong enough to sustain strong Florida storms & heat
  • *site build on concrete slab
  • *safe, reliable, well built new construction

Models & Floor plans



Involves original and innovative solutions aimed at making life more efficient, more controllable, economical, productive, integrated and sustainable



We understand the environmental impact of development, and offer many creative green solutions to ensure your project’s sustainablity



Our design team works closely with you to bring your visions and dreams to reality and create a one of a kind tiny home that truly appeals to all your senses



We currently have lots available for building in Cocoa, FL. We build only on concrete foundation, utilizing Structural Insulated Panels for maximum energy efficiency

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