The Top 4 Environmental Benefits of Living in a Tiny Home

Living in a small home has a lot of benefits to the environment. Downsizing to a small home has an impact on different areas of your lifestyle and this lowers the impacts on the planet in unexpected ways. People living in tiny houses tend to consumer less energy-intensive food items and they adopt more planet-friendly eating habits. For instance, people tend to consume locally produced food or grow their own food. If you are contemplating building or moving to a small house, here are some of the benefits these houses have to the environment.

Fewer Materials

Constructing a house that is less than 400 square feet will definitely consume fewer materials when compared to a 2,600 square foot home. With fewer materials, the transportation of these materials will also mean fewer trucks are required and this reduces emissions that are released into the atmosphere. Furthermore, when you have a tiny house, you will also require fewer materials when making renovations and repairs. This provides additional savings since you will save money and protect the environment.

More Sustainable Materials

Sustainable materials are used in the construction of most tiny homes whether they are new to the market or recycled. When it comes to construction, recycled materials are usually available in very limited quantities. This makes them ideal for use in small houses, since they are smaller in size. The newest sustainable materials that are now on the market tend to be expensive, for example, recycled cork flooring or solar roof tiles. However, when used in a tiny house, you do not require these materials in large quantities and will end up saving money.

Energy Use is Reduced

The average family home utilizes lots of resources daily for heating and cooling and electricity. However, the energy use for tiny houses is significantly lower owing to its small size and fewer appliances. Most owners of tiny houses tend to spend most times outdoors or away from home. This significantly reduces their energy consumption which is good for the planet and for your wallet.

Fewer Possessions and Less Waste

With the innovative designs available today, tiny homes tend to have lots of storage space, however, this cannot be compared to the average-size homes. As a result, most tiny home owners are careful with their purchases and will purchase better quality items. In addition, impulse buying is less and this translates to less packaging waste. With a tiny home, you are assured of a well-utilized space and a less wasteful lifestyle.

Most people associate sustainable living with lack or living without, however, this is not the case. When living in tiny homes, you can have all the comfort and convenience that you desire and still enjoy some extra space. Living small is a great experience and you never have to sacrifice all your desires and wants. You can decrease your footprint and protect the planet by downsizing to a house that has less square footage.

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