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A picturesque sanctuary where the serene beauty of nature blends seamlessly with vibrant community living. Nestled in the heart of this breathtaking landscape, Miniopolis introduces a new era of sustainable living in Charlotte County.

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12734 Kenwood Lane, Suite 23, Fort Myers, Florida 33907

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Miniopolis is a tiny home builder that works together as a community to Protect nature, build safe strong hurricane proof and efficient homes, encourage alternative energy sources, and most important provide affordable housing for all.Our planet is so beautiful and important and being conscious of what you purchase and use has never been more important. We all come from different places and different cultures, but we share the same purpose.

Let’s break the green barrier in your life and build small together!

Sustainable Concepts

  • Practicing a Way of Life to Sustain What You Need.
  • Teaching Core Concepts of Sustainable Living

Office and Managment

  • Tiny Home Customization
  • Tiny Home Construction
  • Property Selection
  • Amenity Selection
  • Community Participation Management
  • Resource Inventory

Minimalist Living

  • Owning Structure Based on Community Performance.
  • Utilizing Only Those Resources Needed.
  • Living Without Indulgence.
  • Community Contributions for Resident Living.

Communal Living

  • Participating in a Self-Reliant Community, Which in Turn, Provides Everything You Need.
  • Including:
    • Homeschooling for Children
    • Gardening for Food
    • Solar Classes for Power
    • Recycling for Water and Building Materials
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