Obaid Alam

Miniopolis delivered a beautiful tiny house that changed my life. The company has professionals who walk with you to give the elegant and intelligent space that you desire. There are also master craftsmen and experts in the construction process. Thank you Miniopolis, we are lucky to be working with your company.


If you seriously want to join the tiny home movement, you should trust Miniopolis for all your construction needs. They showcased their expertise with valuable suggestions on design and finish, while still remaining flexible to all my needs and wants. They gave me a beautiful tiny home that I have always desired. Thank you Miniopolis!

Cornelius Mayer

I couldn’t be happier with my beautiful tiny house. Miniopolis is just the best tiny home builders. From the beginning of the project to the delivery, it was a pleasure working with Miniopolis to complete my custom tiny house. I would recommend them again and again!

David Wang

I would recommend Miniopolis to all my friends and family! They delivered a beautiful, practical, and personalized home. I was kept informed throughout the construction process and had the greatest satisfaction knowing that they used the best materials and techniques available and will attention to detail.