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About Us

At Miniopolis, our mission is to build residential homes that focus on sustainability, energy efficiency, and affordability for a simple yet fulfilling life. We build with you and your impact on Earth in mind.

This company was founded on the grounds of Mother Nature with affordability in mind. Owning a home or investment property is not what it use to be. Everyone wants to feel that they own a piece of land that grows in value while making a positive impact on earth. At Miniopolis, we do both.


Our vision is to build residential communities that live off the land and the community of like minded individuals. Building sustainably, reducing waste, and recycling to reduce our carbon footprint is our goal.

Mission Statement

Miniopolis seeks to provide welcoming sustainable homes that focus on living comfortably in a community where the environment is a major priority. We seek to encourage and promote less self-indulgent lifestyles through education and a greener way of life.

Miniopolis provides an ever growing, always tiny, eco-friendly lifestyle for residence searching for simpler living. Teaching the fundamentals of a sustainable community, we are committed to maximizing your lifestyle while minimizing your carbon footprint. Let us show you the possibilities of living tiny in a big way.

Miniopolis provides a new way to live, a better way to live. Valuing green living over a large carbon footprint, travel over material indulgence and digital entertainment with natural happiness. Let us show you the possibilities of living tiny in a big way!

Miniopolis is dedicated to building 👷🏻sustainable tiny homes🏡 no greater than 500 sq ft. They are built strong 💪🏽 enough to withstand Florida’s powerful storms 🌪 and efficient enough to battle through Florida’s heat☀️ all while reducing waste 🚫and limiting our carbon footprint🌏

Our Base Model builds offer:
  • *500 Living Sq Ft
  • *1 Bedroom (10’x14’)
  • -Wall to wall closet
  • -Ceiling fan
  • -9,000 BTU Mini-split
  • -Exterior door to patio area
  • *1 Bathroom (5’x8’)
  • -Recessed LED lighting in shower
  • -Tiled shower area
  • -Water conserving toilet
  • -30” Vanity cabinet
  • *Kitchen
  • -Peninsula style cabinet layout
  • -Breakfast Bar
  • -Stove
  • -30” Sink
  • -33” Refrigerator (Side-by-side)
  • -Full size Pantry
  • -Garage access door
  • *Living Area
  • -8’ 6.5” x 14’ 3.25”
  • -Ceiling fan
  • -12,000 BTU Mini-Split
  • *Impact rated Windows & Doors
  • *Plenty of windows for natural lighting
  • *36 Available lots for sale
  • -$40,000-$57,000
  • -5,000 square foot lot(~55’x90’)
  • -Complete ownership of lot
  • -Lot information & Site plan on
  • *Starting price for base model: $145,000 (Lot not included)
  • *Community Amenities include:
  • -Community Garden
  • -Clubhouse(coming soon)
  • -Community Pool(coming soon)
  • -Community Lake
  • -Community Foraging Forrest
  • -Pets welcome
  • *HOA-No fees now until clubhouse is built. After that, they expect to set it at no more than $25/month
  • *Community Location: 200 Sandpiper Drive, Cocoa, FL 32926
  • *Launch date for next phase: February 2022
  • *Referral fees: 3% Buyers agent commission for build
Available Upgrades:
  • *Loft (14’x7’)
  • *Solar Panels
  • *Pergola
  • *Pavers (driveway and back porch)
  • *Metal roof
  • *Tankless water heater
  • *Bamboo flooring
  • *Bamboo countertop
  • *High-end tile selection(bathroom)
  • *18,000 BTU Mini-Split system
  • *Upgraded custom cabinetry
  • *Upgraded plumbing fixtures
  • *Upgraded light fixtures
  • *High-end appliances
  • *Upgraded landscaping

We are so excited about building your dream Tiny Home. Let’s build tiny together!